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Hi guys, I’m Dennis – PhD in marine microbiology & CEO of a science communication agency in Cologne, Germany (mediomix.com). This is my collection of scientific snapchat content. Anyone doing science or interested in science can join! Please add me on snapchat (mediomix) and let’s share our awesome science stories!

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mediomixDennis Fink
Dennis is the CEO of the science communication agency mediomix in Cologne (Germany) with a PhD in marine microbiology – always eager to share science news on snapchat.
fvntsAndrés Fuentes
Andrés is a PhD in physics based in Zürich and frequently posts about their amateur club of radioastronomy and astrophotography. Plus: funny puzzles!
California Academy of Sciences
California Academy of Sciencesheycalacademy
The California Academy of Sciences is a renowned scientific and educational institution dedicated to exploring, explaining, and sustaining life on Earth – based in San Francisco.
neuroyoutubeAlison Astrocyte
Alison is a graduate student of neuroscience, in addition to making educational videos about Neuro Transmissions she uses Snapchat Stories to provide glimpses into her life of a grad student.
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With more than 300 patches of bright material scattered across its surface, dwarf planet Ceres is an intriguing bod… t.co/1iU9Xy9tAV

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Science Friday

Need a holiday gift for the curious kiddos in your life? Check out this curated list of the best science books for… t.co/WjHAU9lmH8

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Science Friday

In the future, our oceans might be a lot more slimy. t.co/aD28JrX9Ko t.co/aXNfs4rb3r

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A celestial show of lights was seen glimmering 41,000 light years away from Earth by our @NASAHubble Space Telescop… t.co/QQ3DP3WBi7

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Sascha Foerster

Qualitäts-Copy-Paste-Journalismus: Bild.de, stern.de & Co. fallen auf Facebook-Ente von Deutschland-Start von Denny… t.co/KZnVEVxFLK

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Chris Nicolini

.@manettishrem just desserts, no cake tho. t.co/JhOvL26CvL

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Science Friday

Want to work with us to build original STEM activities? Apply to be a part of the 2018 Educator Collaborative!… t.co/XvqbYpNhAc

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Make it happen, Katrina! 😀 #LibertyScienceCenter t.co/ueswXB2xmA

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